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CHA 0001

Le Cirque d’Iziz – couverture
The Iziz Circus – cover

1965 Original Chromolithograph after gouache
printed by Imprimerie Moderne du Lion Paris 
for “Le Cirque d’Iziz” of Jacques Prevért
André Sauret Montecarlo 1965

signed in the plate – undated
some abrasion along the edges
sheet mm. 330×710 – image 330×540

SKU: CHA 0001



In 1965 André Sauret, enlightened French publisher, brings together Jacques Prévert, Marc Chagall and Iziz and publishes “Le Cirque d’Iziz”.
Prévert will compose the lyrics, Chagall will create 4 original circus paintings and Iziz provides a selection of photographs that concern exclusively the circus and his life, taken mainly in Paris, but also in Lyon, Marseille and Toulon.
Iziz is the psudonym of Israel Bidermanas, Lithuanian-born French photojournalist and photographer who, after a modest and difficult life, during the Second World War for his Jewish origins, thanks to Paris Match will realize important reports on different characters, including writers, artists, singers and actors who animated French cultural life: Camus, Simenon, Cocteau, Dora Maar and Marie Laurencin, Rouault, Édith Piaf, Gina Lollobrigida, Orson Welles and Grace Kelly and many many others.
Iziz is a “street photographer” who reconciles the profession of reporter of Paris Match with a personal research and photographer on his own creating several photographic books that are appreciated by critics and admirers.